Corn Detasseling
2018 Detasseling Season

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Updated June 14, 2018

Divisions of Great Lakes Detasseling, LLC.: 

Five Star Detasseling and Portage Detasseling with Andy Simmons.


Update for all location: Season outlook as of mid June: All the corn is finally planted. With all the rain this spring planting season has been a challenge. Looks like we may have a few days of work around July 10-13th and then we may be off for a week to ten days.  At this time it looks like the busiest time for corn detassseling in 2018 with be from July 26th to August 6th. We will have later fields to detasseling in mid August too. We will not be working over the July 4th holiday so enjoy the holiday weekend. Check back for more updates in a few weeks. Projected dates are subject to change based on weather conditions and how much/fast the corn grows. These dates on just early season projections to help you make summer plans.


Plainwell and Otsego

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2018 detasseling season.


Portage Sign-up Info:

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2018 detasseling season.

Questions? e-mail us at


Kalamazoo - Sorry to inform you because of a reduction in corn acres to detassel in the summer of 2018 we will not be providing you with work during the summer of 2018.


This year there is a reduction in detasseling acres we will be needing fewer workers than the past years, So be sure to come to one of the meetings with all your information and get signed up. The first to get their paperwork in and completed will be the first on the list to work.

Divisions of Great Lakes Detasseling, LLC.: Five Star Detasseling and Portage Detasseling with Andy Simmons.


Questions about pay checks?

First read the information under the payroll information tab found under the Detasseling Information tab above.

Still have questions after reading the payroll tab information please send us an e-mail.


Kalamazoo, Constantine, White Pigeon, Three Rivers, Edwardsburg, and Middlebury sorry to inform you that we will not be providing pick-up points at your schools during the summer of 2018. Great Lakes Detasseling, LLC. will not be working with Pioneer Hi-Bred in 2018 so we will not be providing you with detasseling work in 2018, Sorry! It was great working with those individuals from the schools listed above over the last few years. 


BUS PICK-UP LOCATIONS: Plainwell - Otsego - Portage


QUESTIONS? send us an e-mail at


Continue to remember DAILY WORK DAY REMINDERS! (found under the Detasseling Information tab).

We will use the web page as the main source of communication to everyone detasseling this year with Great Lakes Detasseling, LLC.

Remember to check the website in the evening (after 6:00 p.m.) for the latest updates as plans will and do change from day to day. 


We are not responsible for electronics i.e. cell phones, iPods, mp3-players, etc...