Corn Detasseling
2019 Detasseling Season

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Updated: June 20, 2019 ------- Next update July 1st.

Corn Detasseling with Great Lakes Detasseling

All the corn has been planted but with all the rain we have received during May and June 2019 will be a late detasseling season. Will be surprised if we start detasseling before July 20-25th.

Plainwell - Otsego: Check back later for crop updates and expected start date.

Portage: Late season sign-up, Tuesday July 9th at the food court in Crossroads mall.

We have been calling people with incomplete paper work. No call means you are all set. 

Check in a couple times a week its real easy to keep yourself informed.

                                                            What you need to bring (to the sign-up meeting):                   
                                                                1.  A  Parent or Guardian
                                                                2.  Your social security card (photocopy of both sides)
                                                                3.  Photocopy of birth certificate
                                                                    (We will need to keep the photocopy of the birth certificate)
                                                                4.  Your bank information for direct deposit
                                                                     (bank name, bank routing number, and electronic account number)
                                                                5.  Student ID or Driver License (copy of both sides)
                                                                6.  An ink pen (not a pencil)
                                                        Any questions check out our web site:



                                                Age: 14 and older by July 1, 2019 (This is the cut off date no exceptions)
                                                Pass the information around to your friends working with friends is always more fun.
                                                Take a screenshot, snapchat, facebook, Instagram,  whatever it is you kids use. 

Questions: email us at

Thank you for signing up to work with us: Andy, Scott, and Joe.

When sending e-mail questions please list the employees name and pick-up location in the subject line or first sentence of the e-mail.

BUS PICK-UP LOCATIONS: Plainwell - Otsego - Portage

QUESTIONS? send us an e-mail at

Continue to remember DAILY WORK DAY REMINDERS! (found under the Detasseling Information tab).

We will use the web page as the main source of communication to everyone detasseling this year with Great Lakes Detasseling, LLC.

Remember to check the website in the evening (after 6:00 p.m.) for the latest updates as plans will and do change from day to day. 

We are not responsible for electronics i.e. cell phones, iPods, mp3-players, etc...